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To market, to market...

Posted by Jonathan Broom on 5 September 2018
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To market, to market...

Holidaying in well serviced self-catering accommodation really does give you the best of both worlds: comfort that’s close to luxury, and the freedom and flexibility to do what you want, when you want.

And eat what you want, too. Unconstrained by a hotel menu, you can really make use of your ‘own’ kitchen to prepare favourite dishes, or try something new.

And where better to source the ‘raw materials’ for your culinary creations than at the local farmers’ markets? If there’s a better place to buy the finest and freshest meat and vegetables, hard-to-find cheeses, unique preserves, chutneys, olive-oil infusions, artisan breads and more, we’ve yet to hear about it.

Beautiful Dorset is unsurprisingly heaving with farmers’ markets, selling the best local produce, direct from the farm to you. Here are just five, all easily reached from your holiday home at Langton House, on the glorious Isle of Purbeck:


When? The first Saturday in each month

Where? Town Hall at the top of the High Street 

What time? 9am to 1pm

The home of Gold Hill (made famous by the ‘Hovis’ advert), with magnificent views over Thomas Hardy’s Blackmore Vale and steeped in history and tradition, Shaftesbury offers visitors breathtaking views and the warmest of welcomes. The ‘Shaston’ of Hardy’s novels, Shaftesbury is one of the oldest and highest towns in England and dominates what Hardy called the “engirdled and secluded” Blackmore Vale. The beauty of the surrounding Dorset countryside is complemented by the collection of fine historical buildings that make up the centre of the town, including a selection of delightful shops, inns and restaurants. The Town Hall at the top of the High Street is the venue for the monthly farmers’ market and stands next to the medieval St Peter’s Church.

Shaftesbury is 34 miles north of Langton House on a route following the B3069, the A351, the B3075, the A35, the A31, the A350, the A354, the B3081, the A30 and the B3091.



When? The first Saturday in each month

Where? Outside Waitrose in Queen Mother Square

What time? 9am to 1pm

The ‘new’ town of Poundbury overlooks the famous Iron Age hill town of Maiden Castle, on the western edge of the town on Duchy land, and boasts some impressive architecture – building is still ongoing in places, and the whole concept and development have received much media attention and many accolades.

The regular farmers’ market is the largest organised by Dorset Farmers’ Markets Ltd with nearly 40 producers regularly attending; it was also voted “Best Farmers’ Market in Dorset” in the 2007 Dorset Food and Drink Awards.

Poundbury is 25 miles west (and a little north) of Langton House on a route following the B3069, the A351, the A352, the B3144, the B3143 and the B3150.



When? The second Saturday in each month

Where? Bridport Arts Centre

What time? 9am to 1pm

Bridport is a busy market town with an enviable reputation for arts, culture and food. The town enjoys a rich heritage built primarily on the rope and net making trade, with goods made in Bridport being shipped worldwide.

The wide main streets afford attractive views of the surrounding hills, the magnificent coastline and agricultural land around. Along with Poundbury (see above), in recent years the highly successful regular farmers’ market has been voted “The Best Farmers Market in Dorset”. This market regularly attracts over 30 producers.

Bridport is 39 miles west of Langton House on a route following the B3069, the A351, the A352, the B3390, the A35, the B3162 and the B3157.



When? The third Saturday in each month

Where? Market Square

What time? 9am to 1pm

Wimborne is a real delight. A regular winner in the regional and national ‘In Bloom’ awards, in summer Wimborne’s pretty streets and courtyards are filled with floral scents and colours. But whatever the season you are sure of a warm welcome. Combine some great shopping – at the market and further afield – with a visit to one or more of the town’s fascinating attractions.

Wimborne lies 20 miles north of Langton House on a route following the A351, the A35, the A350, the B3068, the B3078 and the B3073.



When? The third Friday in each month

Where? Cheap Street

What time? 9am to 1pm

Sherborne is one of England’s most beautiful towns, with a reputation for art and antiques. With its abundance of ancient and beautiful buildings, superb Abbey, picturesque almshouse and two castles (one built by Sir Walter Raleigh), Sherborne’s many attractions make for a captivating visit. There is a range of individually-owned ‘boutique’ shops and antique emporia; music, film and literary festivals; and a host of great eateries and food outlets. And a fantastic ‘weekday’ farmers’ market: just the place to stock up on foodie treats for the weekend ahead!

Sherborne is 39 miles north-west of Langton House on a route following the A351, A352, A354, B3143, A3030 and B3145.

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Jonathan Broom

Jonathan Broom

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