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Physkos - Things to do

Turunç, Turkey
Physkos Things To Do

We arrange a large choice of excursions, which depend on the time of year.

Take in the beautiful views over the bay of Turunç and end with a picnic at Amos's archaeological ruins. Other villages close by include Kumlubük, which has one of the longest stretches of beach on the peninsula, and Içmeler, with its canal lined with market stalls.

Historical places to visit

Turkey is a country which has stood on the borders of empires and cultures for thousands of years. Although the nation is now fortunately much calmer, this historical legacy has left numerous breath-taking sights to explore. While it's impossible to see all of these, we have included some of our favourites below:

Hagia Sophia

Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, Hagia Sophia is the crown jewel of Istanbul. Byzantine Emperor Justinian constructed the monument in the sixth century and this building was later converted into a mosque by the Turkish. These days, Hagia Sophia operates as a museum but take your time exploring its staggering architecture and amazing natural beauty.


Ephesus was once the world's trade capital, a colossal city standing at the golden age of the Roman Empire. As a testament to the skill of those builders, Ephesus is still here today as a mighty ruin, with many preserved landmarks giving tourists an idea of what this city must have looked like at the peak of Roman rule.

Topkapi Palace Museum

Although a home for the Ottoman sultans in the 15th Century, this political and social hub was the place where the decisions of that era were made. From within these walls, the sultans created their kingdoms and forged an empire. A World Heritage Site, tourists now flock through the doors to see its architecture, design, and beautiful relics.


Arguably one of the world's most famous destinations, Troy is an extensive archaeological project which is more than 4,000 years old. Featured in Homer's the Iliad, your mind cannot help but wander back to those legendary tales as you stroll through its ruins.

The Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is a blend of historical wonderment and shopping paradise. Serving individuals for hundreds of years, the site is one of the largest covered markets in the world and is home to around 5,000 shops. Visit if you want to pick up something distinctly Turkish.

Natural wonders

Turkey is a complicated country with a diverse landscape. As a result, the region is blessed with a variety of beautiful sights you're unlikely to find anywhere else. Be sure to visit the following locations:


Pamukkale is a mineral bath spa located north of Denizli. Its name means the ‘cotton castle' in Turkish and, upon arrival, it isn't difficult to see why. Containing beautiful hot springs, people have been bathing in its waters for centuries – why not join them?

Goreme National Park

Goreme National Park is an amazing natural landscape containing plains, plateaus, mountains, and river valleys. Formed by extensive erosion, this beautiful wonder can actually be toured by balloon.

Mount Chimaera

Known as the ‘burning rock', this mountain is a wonder which must have inspired the terrifying tales of Greek legend. Natural gases constantly emerge from the cracks in the rock and ignite upon contact with the air, causing Mount Chimaera to constantly burn. At night, it isn't hard to imagine a sleeping monster underneath the earth.

Sports and activities

Although Turkey is a historical and natural paradise, it has enough activities to keep even seasoned thrill seekers satisfied. Here are some of our top picks:

Skiing and snowboarding

Every winter, the skiing and snowboarding capital of Anatolia welcomes thousands of sports enthusiasts to its slopes. With various resorts throughout the region, participants can usually bring their own gear or rent from the lodge.


What could be better than viewing Turkey from high above the ground? There are various opportunities to jump throughout the region but why not parachute over the historical city of Ephesus or high above the mountains?


Turkey is surrounded by the Mediterranean, Black Sea, as well as the Aegean and Marmara seas. Not only this, but the country has numerous rivers and waters which are ideal for rafting. Whether looking for underwater diving, yachting, or windsurfing, Turkey is an excellent choice for water sports enthusiasts.

Things to do in Turunç, Turkey

Turunç Turunç is the closest village to the Physkos villas. Nestled into a bay on the Bozburun Peninsula to the south-west of Turkey, Turunç looks out onto calm Mediterranean waters and offers a host of water-based activities as well as leisurely village attractions.


Things to do in Marmaris, Turkey

You'll find Marmaris more bustling. Larger and more 'touristy' than Turunç, Marmaris is a port town located further round the coast and has a busier night life with a number of bars and restaurants to chose from. In Marmaris you'll find an array of things to see and do that will keep all ages busy, not to mention incredible history and a stunning coastline.


Things to do in Içmeler, Turkey

Midway between Turunç and Marmaris in both size and location, Içmeler is surrounded by pine forests and walking in the mountains will provide you with incredible views out over the bay. The coastline here is beautiful, the beaches are sheltered and the waters are crystal clear. Take a stroll down the canal while you're in the town.


From water sports to weekly markets

In the daytime, relax on the beach or have a go at one of the many water sports on offer in Turunç and Kumlubük, from scuba diving to waterskiing. Suitable for both beginners and the more experienced, there's also the chance to try windsurfing, parasailing and jet-skiing.

Turunç's weekly market is also worth a visit, with lots of local produce, such as pine honey from the mountains and olives from nearby groves. In the summer months there are also plenty of souvenir stalls, in addition to items ranging from clothing to garden plants.

Get in touch with local tradition in Marmaris

Why not enjoy a local Turkish breakfast at the beautifully situated Çinar Restaurant, followed by guided shopping?

While in Marmaris, visit its small castle, built during the reign of Süleyman the Magnificent. The fortress, with lovely views over the marina and out to sea, is now a museum with a range of nautical, historical and ethnographic exhibits.

Discover Turkey's coastline by boat

There are lots of opportunities to enjoy a boat trip to explore the crystal clear, turquoise Aegean waters and the Turkish coastline. Simply go down to the harbour, pick a boat and choose your destination.

Gulet Chartering sails to and from Marmaris harbour, with its 'Blue Voyage' tour taking in the south-western coast from aboard a gulet. Discover idyllic bays and coves, as well as small towns, villages, and ancient Greek and Roman remains.

Day trips and longer experiences

Other boat tours include the 'Golden Mediterranean' and 'Treasures of the Aegean' tours, which also leave from Marmaris. Spend nights both on the boat and in comfortable hotels, and enjoy overland trips to explore some of the world's best archaeological sites.

But if you're thinking of just a day trip, you could head east to the Butterfly Valley near Fethiye. Millions of butterflies, including 30 daytime species and 40 nocturnal species, come here to breed in September. A protected site, it's only accessible by boat or via the Lycian Way walking trail.

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