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Cumbria, England

Things to do in Kendal

Those who choose to stay at one of our delightful Merlewood based properties, situated in the South of Cumbria, can expect a wide range of exciting landmarks, countryside and towns to explore, providing a comprehensive, relaxing and interesting Northern English experience. There is plenty to discover and do in Kendal, regardless of the conditions you encounter during your holiday, or the preferences of those with whom you are holidaying; no matter if your trip is with family or friends.

Outdoor activities

Should the often highly changeable Cumbrian weather be in your favour during your trip, there's plenty to see and do in and around the town. One of the easiest ways to sample a taste of the traditional Cumbrian life is to visit the outdoor market held in Kendal; offering a wide range of local cuisine and fresh produce to sample.

Once you're loaded up with the best food that Kendal market has to offer, you have a vast selection of local beauty spots to seek out for potential picnic locations. Kendal's extreme proximity to the Lake District opens up many possibilities if you are willing to travel a little bit further afield, but there is plenty in Kendal's immediate vicinity to fulfil this need. Kendal Castle and its surrounding grounds are an iconic location, and perfect for a ramble post picnic, especially if you have a dog that needs walking, or children that need tiring out.

One piece of local cuisine is of particular merit for longer dog walks or family strolls around the town or surrounding countryside; Kendall Mint Cake. This sugary confection is famed around the world for the amount of energy it packs into a small, delicious package, making it a staple choice for hikers and mountain climbers around the world.

Indoor activities

Of course the weather in the North of England is frequently inclement, and often unpredictable, so it pays to have a few indoor activities and trips planned, for when you can't enjoy the historic town exterior, and sublimity of the countryside surrounding Kendal.

The Lakeland Climbing Centre and Kendal Leisure Centre both allow you to enjoy an active holiday regardless of how the weather turns out. The Lakeland Climbing Centre is notable for having the tallest indoor climbing wall in England, so can potentially pose quite a challenge to even confident climbers. Kendal Leisure Centre offers the expected range of sporting facilities, including a large swimming pool, ensuring that there is plenty for the whole family to enjoy, if need be.

For those looking to further enrich their knowledge of the local area, and truly experience Cumbria, regardless of the weather situation, Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal Museum and the Museum of Lakeland Life are all locally situated, and are perfect for a day's worth of informative entertainment.


Kendal isn't a particularly large town, but it does offer a wide selection of pubs, and a few clubs to go with them. Indeed, there are around 30 pubs to choose from in and around the town, providing something for everyone. For a quieter, or more family orientated evening, there is also a diverse array of restaurants available, including the acclaimed Castle Dairy, which is situated in a grade I listed building!


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