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What's so special about HPB?

We answer some of your questions...

Who are HPB and
why can I trust you?

The Holiday Property Bond was founded in 1983 as a unique idea, a life assurance bond linked to a portfolio of top quality holiday properties and which allows its investors to holiday in all its properties for life for a no profit user charge (see 3 below). Since then, it has attracted more investors every year, bringing the current total to well over 42,000.

Although you do not own the properties, the fund in which your money, after charges, is invested had net fund assets (properties and securities) of over £280 million as at 31st December 2017. The fund has no borrowings, and never has had. It also has an independent trustee, HSBC Trustee (C.I.) Limited to whom your investment will be payable.

As HPB is an investment product you need to understand the principal risks and costs as well as the benefits. These are summarised in "Your questions answered".

Read what the Bondholder says
We were introduced to the Bond by a friend, and subsequently visited HPB's Braithwaite Court in Cumbria. We liked what we saw. As investments go this is not a 'money-maker'; but the pay-back, in terms of super holidays and uniformly high standards, has been out of this world.
Judith Craig
Bondholder since 1993

We love it; we've always sought variety, and the Holiday Property Bond gives us that, in spades. You know you're going to be comfortable and everything's going to work. Holidays can be looked forward to with excitement, rather than trepidation.
Adrian Needham
Bondholder since 2002

Where and when can I go
on holiday with HPB?

There are currently over 1,400 wholly owned HPB properties in 32 fabulous locations in 13 countries across Europe – including 16 locations in the UK – and the number continues to grow.

HPB has a knack for choosing unforgettable locations, such as the sun-drenched Algarve, the majestic Highlands of Scotland, the stunningly beautiful Aegean coast of Turkey and the picturesque Cotswolds. As Bondholders you can holiday in any of our holiday homes, in any location, at any time of year – and there are no exchange fees to pay.

Read what the Bondholder says DISCOVER OUR PORTFOLIO

How does HPB deliver
good value holidays?

HPB's holiday benefits are provided through a Holiday Points system, in which each £1 of your initial payment entitles you to one Holiday Point every year. Each time you book a holiday, you exchange Holiday Points for the accommodation you want, the number required depending on the location, property size and season. You then pay only a no profit user charge rather than a commercial rental charge as explained in "Your questions answered".

Read what the Bondholder says
A large part of a successful holiday is knowing what to expect, in terms of the standard of accommodation, facilities and so on. HPB scores highly in this regard. The result: fun for the children; relaxation for the grown-ups; and a comfortable holiday for all!
Jacqueline Stinton
Bondholder since 1988

The Bond allows us to spend quality time with our children and grandchildren. And it's great to know that our three children will continue to benefit from the Bond, and enjoy HPB holidays long into the future.
David Evans
Bondholder since 2004

How long do my holiday
benefits last?

Your holiday benefits don't just last for your own lifetime – in due course you can pass your Bond on to your children and grandchildren as a family heirloom for them to enjoy or cash in if they prefer.

Read what the Bondholder says

How often can I go on holiday?

That depends on how much you choose to invest, when you want to go away, what kind of properties you want and of course, availability. Many Bondholders are able to get away on holiday three, four or five time a year – especially as they can benefit from a wide range of special offers, such as short-notice Points free holidays and concessionary long-stay holidays at particular locations.

And we can even arrange your holiday travel. As a Bondholder you can make all your travel arrangements – including flights, ferries, insurance and car hire – through the HPB Travel Club, our dedicated, ABTA-bonded travel agency. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff will make the going easy.

Read what the Bondholder says
We've taken nigh on 100 great HPB holidays at over 20 sites since we signed up. Our daughter and partner join us when busy lives permit and also go without us; indeed our Holiday Points have been to places we have not seen. We have also taken full advantage of the Points-free short-term vacancies and cancellations!
Liz Holness
Bondholder since 2000

In the two decades-plus we have enjoyed as Bondholders, the Bond has fulfilled its 'sales-pitch' promises. Through the automatic inflation-proofing, our original investment would still be enough to stay at Rocha Brava, in the Algarve, for two weeks in high-season.
Robert Ireland
Bondholder since 1989

How are my holidays

You can look forward to the same level of high quality holiday entitlement for the whole of your lifetime, no matter what happens to inflation. That is because your Holiday Points allocation is re-valued at least once a year in line with the cost of providing additional holiday accommodation for new investors. This means your holiday accommodation booking power is fixed and protected.

Read what the Bondholder says

Can family, friends and pets
join me on holiday?

HPB holiday homes range in size from modest one-bedroom apartments to big, family-sized villas. So whether you are holidaying as a couple, or bringing the whole family, there are properties to suit you. You can also invite friends to come on holiday with you and share your HPB accommodation. There is suitable accommodation for accompanied wheelchair holidaymakers and other mobility friendly properties. The Holiday Property Bond's largest single investor is the RAF Disabled Trust.
All UK locations have 'pets welcome' properties (except for our hotels and Barnham Broom), as do five of the overseas locations.

Read what the Bondholder says
For me, the great thing about HPB is its flexibility – the fact that friends, family and colleagues can use it. This is very much a girls'-only holiday; lots of chat, lots of laughs, lots of relaxation – just lazy days in the sunshine with one's best mates.
Liz Bates
Corporate Bondholder since 1986

One thing that's common to all HPB holidays is the quality of the sites, and the site staff. From the manager downwards, everyone, at every HPB site, is dedicated, caring, and committed to ensuring that we as Bondholders have the best holidays possible.
Keith McCartney
Bondholder since 2001

What kind of standards can I expect on HPB holidays?

Wherever you go to an HPB location, you can expect a consistently high standard of comfort and service. All our villas, apartments and cottages are fully self-contained and fitted and furnished to high, modern standards. And no matter where you choose to go on holiday, you will arrive to find that your property has been freshly cleaned and prepared for your arrival. In 2015, over £3.6m was spent on refurbishing, maintaining, and improving HPB's existing properties.

HPB properties are set in their own well-cared-for grounds, and most have facilities such as swimming pools, saunas, games rooms and tennis courts on site. Some of our locations also have their own restaurant.


That's all fine, but can I afford it?

HPB is more affordable than you may think.

The minimum initial payment is just £5,000. You can apply for an interest-free loan of between £3,000 and £9,000, repayable in 12 equal monthly instalments, to get you started (subject to a minimum cash deposit of £2,000 to £4,000). How much you should invest depends on your circumstances – in particular your holiday requirements and preferences. HPB's Holiday Points system is designed to provide a more flexible alternative to timeshare and one of our representatives can explain it so that you can assess how best it could work for you and therefore how much you should invest. Contact a representative

After that, all you pay when you book your holiday is a no-profit user charge which covers the actual expenses of running, maintaining and refurbishing the properties.

Read what the Bondholder says REQUEST A BROCHURE
I know many Bondholders have added to their investments over the years. And that's fine; if you've got a growing family and the wherewithal, then go for it. But my annual Holiday Points allocation was enough for my husband and me.
Judy Almond
Bondholder since 1983

In the unlikely event that a friend invests in the Bond and finds it's not for them, HPB's unique Money Back Promise means they can recoup the total value of their initial payment. Not that any of our friends ever have…
Julian Turner
Bondholder since 1989

What if I don't enjoy my first holiday?

We are so confident that you will be delighted by the quality of HPB holidays that we are prepared to make you an unprecedented "Money Back Promise":

If you take your first HPB holiday within three years of investing and are not, for any reason, entirely happy, you can apply to cash in your HPB investment within 14 days of your return. Whatever the encashment value, the parent company of the issuer of HPB will make up any difference so that you get back the full amount of your original payment, including charges.

This offer applies to the first holiday at any HPB owned property and which is taken by at least one of the Bondholders themselves. Full details of the offer will be provided before you invest.

Read what the Bondholder says

How should I go about
finding out more?

HPB has a simple attitude to salesmanship. We believe the facts about the Bond speak for themselves. We offer you three ways to find out about the Bond in your own way and at your own pace.

Please read Your questions answered. You can then send for our full colour brochure, you can have a chat with one of our representatives and ask him or her your questions or you can visit an HPB holiday location here in the UK, where you can see for yourselves what HPB has to offer.

One of our representatives will be delighted to explain the workings of the Bond in more detail but before then you can view the full Product Particulars.

Read what the Bondholder says WHAT'S YOUR NEXT STEP
How different could our lives have been had we not mistakenly dismissed HPB 20 years ago? Think how many more memorable holidays we could have taken. If only we had known then what we know now!
Janet Eaton
Bondholder since 2004

This advertisement is issued by HPB Management Limited ("HPBM") registered at HPB House, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 8EH. HPBM is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is the main UK agent and the property manager for HPB, issued by HPB Assurance Limited ("HPBA") registered in the Isle of Man and authorised by the Financial Services Authority there. The Trustee of HPB is HSBC Trustee (C.I.) Limited registered at HSBC House, Esplanade, St Helier, Jersey, JE1 1GT. The Securities Manager is Stanhope Capital LLP of 35 Portman Square, London, W1H 6LR.

Holders of policies issued by HPBA will not be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if the company becomes unable to meet its liabilities to them but Isle of Man compensation arrangements apply to new policies. No medical examination required. HPB is available exclusively through HPBM who will only charge for their services if you invest. HPBM promotes only HPB and is not independent of HPBA.

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